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The Nine Winds

Eiden Myr and Beyond

Terry McGarry
25 July 1962
Now: I'm [personal profile] tmcg at Dreamwidth, and I'm maintaining a Wordpress site at terrymcgarry.com.

Previously, in this bio section:

I write fantasy novels and short fiction in a variety of sf/f subgenres. Tor published my first trilogy: Illumination, The Binder's Road, and Triad. are in paperback now, and Triad is in both hardcover and paperback, all from Tor. There's a bibliography here, a brief bio here, and a longer but out-of-date bio here. Here's a list of some of my short fiction available online, although it's outdated too (my Web-authoring software is on a computer that's been superseded, so I'm doing Website updates by hand for the time being, which means "slowly").

Feel free to add me, and feel no pressure to add me; my friends list here really is a reading list. My other journal is terrymcgarry; it's more bloggy and chatty, and generally more active, although I gafiate from time to time.

This journal has of late been more of a reading journal than a posting journal. My first thought when I grabbed the username was to use LJ as a convenient way of logging brief updates instead of the What's New page that I wasn't tending to very well on EidenMyr.com, but I couldn't find a good way to work it into the site design. The journal languished for a couple of years, whereupon I thought to try keeping a writing journal. That hasn't worked out very well either. Public writing about in-progress writing is a type of performance art that I've never been comfortable with. So I don't update here very often, and when I do it's often tightly filtered, and it's because I had a thought I was inspired to muse upon aloud, in my rambling logorrheic way.

I know that I'm not by nature a blogger or an essayist. Generating short, punchy, informative weblog entries with cutting-edge linkage, or cogent, structured analysis of specific topics--that takes too much energy I'd rather put into writing fiction. It may be that binge musing is my natural journaling style, or it may be that what I really have to say can't be said tactfully in public; or it may be that when I'm logged in here it's to listen and perhaps briefly comment, and that's all.

The experiment continues.